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Trailer: Axle problem?

I am building an enclosed trailer but I‘ve got a problem with the axle, i need the trailer to have the ability to withstand 1800kg.Can 45sq axles handle 1800kg? or do i have to use a 50sq?


its best to use a two axle trailer it will handle the weight much better and it will travel a lot easier behind the vehicle with two axles its win win for you the load rides better the weight is distributed better and if you have more than one flat you can still get to where you need to go safetly .
May 28, 2018
As Roger has said,since you want the trailer to carry 1800kg you are much better to use 2 axles.Its a win-win all around.If it were me I would also put electric or hydraulic brakes on 1 axle for safety when stopping.Just my opinion.
May 28, 2018

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