trust Issues?

ok - i'm askign this here instead of singles and dating, becausewell this is about grownups. I've been talking to this guy. He's not from the city, and his values seem a bit different from other guys I've known. We've been physical, an we did it pretty quickly, we both agree on getting it out of the way and making sure that compatibility is there. He seems like a really nice and genuine guy. But he works a job that has him on call at a moment's notice, and when he's working he seems to be awol. But i can't help but think he's up to something shady, because that's prett ymuch been my experience with guys. He said he wants show me all guys are not like the ones i'm used to. But right now we're in one of those periods where he's working - i don't know when I'll here from him again, and I'm not sure how to act. Part of me wants to put up the defensive wall and jsut be like fine if he doesn't want to call me, his loss - he obviously doesn't about me. (more coming)


If you attack a facedown monster and it is destroyed you get its effect. When its flipped for damage calculation a flip effect happens right before damage calculation.
You can get it done at any tattoo shop. They always have piercers there. Make sure they DON'T use a piercing gun and instead just use a hollow needle. Piercing guns hurt more, take longer to heal, and are really bad for you. When I got my nose pierced, it didn't hurt at all. It just felt like someone stuck something up my nose. It takes a little while to get used to, you'll feel like you have snot stuck in your nose for a while. And sometimes it makes blowing you nose a little difficult. Some jobs won't let you have it, but you can buy clear studs that you can wear while you're working and just change it out to whatever you want when you get off. The clear studs aren't even noticeable so you'll be fine. I say, if you want one then get one. Even if you end up not liking it or regretting it down the road, you can just take out the stud and your nose will heal right up.

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