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Update a room with a brown shag rug?

I just looked at a fantastic apartment...but it has this horrible brown shag rug in the main room! It just looks way too retro and reminds me of my grandparent's basement rec. room. The landlord said the apartment could be painted (it would have to be painted back when we left) and right now the walls are all white. What can I do to bring this room into 2007? I was thinking of a nice brown accent wall, or even painting the window trim....any ideas are welcomed!


I think shags are in style again. I saw on HGTV the decorator put a brand spanking new shag rug in an apartment. Love your shag rug! Go native with safari-feel khaki or sand colored walls, heavy dark accessories, and plenty of lighter tan colors to balance such as pillows, etc. Chocolate curtains with tan sheers in between. That's what I see for your room. Be sure and put in a great big green plant or two. Don't get so jungle-y that it looks artificial, but do hang an old looking world map on one wall and maybe a nice little jute or other sisal rug under your coffee table to define your conversation area. Don't forget a few punches of bold color such as red in some of your accessories and a few of your pillows. Think of parrots, bright and bold. sounds like fun to me!!
Aug 23, 2017
Shag rugs are back! Believe it or not, silly people all over the world think they are way cool again. Bamboo blinds with a brown accent wall and window trims sound great. Couple that with a warm wheat color on the other walls and modern mixed with photographic art on the walls and you're in business. Just remember that if your furniture isn't really modern or simple the theme will crash. This will not be a room for Victorian or mahogany furniture. Think clean lines and simple strong colors. Good luck!
Aug 23, 2017
the brown accent wall will draw attention to the rug and you dont want that so what i would do is get a huge square coffee table in maple wood or ash wood to lighten the room and colorful stuff on the walls to make the brown as diminished as possible. let it be the only brown thing in the room. just my 2 cents
Aug 23, 2017

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