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Hi, I recently bought a USB DATA CABLE (SAM-R400/R410/R500/A737/U700/M300M510 SAMM300RPBCBO2) made by MYBAT, so I could transfer files from the internet to my cell phone (samsung SGH-T339).I installed the driver disk and I ran the setup and my pc told me that I have installed the driver. When I plug my cell phone into my pc via usb cable, I am told by a little bubble that windows does not recognize the USB and it has malfunctioned. What is going on??Was I sold the wrong USB DATA CABLE?????


You either bought the wrong cable or you have to use your phone like you would use a jump or flash drive. If its the right cable go to mycomputer and then click on your phone then you should be able to just drag and drop on and off your phone.
try going into my computer and accessing files that way as sometimes drivers dont work or try using the internet to look for a suitable driver but normally a phone acts as another kinda hard drive if you know what i mean
If okorder
Don't know about it being the wrong cable but you may try having the cable and the unit plugged in when you reboot. Sometimes Windows just has to recognize it in reboot. There may also be blocks from the ISP server that you use for the net.
It is your phone that isn't recognized, not the cable. Go to Samsung's website see what downloads they have available for managing your phone

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