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Using kitchen base cabinets for a bathroom vanity?

I want a 48" bathroom vanity, I NEED it to have the drawers on the left hand side, and I need it to be $250 or less. Hopefully much less. I have a sink and I have countertop.I've found that 48" vanities are rare, and the ones out there are usually ridiculously fancy and overpriced. It's nearly impossible to find ANY vanities with drawers on the left, and if I can find any they are either smaller than 48" or ridiculously fancy and overpriced.So I thought about getting a 24" kitchen base cabinet and a 24" kitchen drawer base cabinet and putting them together to make a 48" sink base. Are there any drawbacks to this?


I think it's a great idea unless you're not very tall. Typically kitchen counters are about 36' high depending on what the top is made of, and bathroom counters are 30' high. There are tall people who complain that their bathroom sinks are too low, so they should listen to your idea! If you're thinking about installing a 'vessel' type sink, the kind that sits on top of the counter like a bowl, you might not want to do that since the higher counter might make the sink too high. Good idea! Good luck!
Apr 14, 2017
well . . maybe the positioning of the sink. That's the only thing you need to think of as far as i can see.
Apr 14, 2017

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