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VIP....Stained Carpet..need help!!!!?

I am currently in the process of switching apartments need some quick/cheap ways to remove old and hard as heck to remove stains from my carpet, so that the management won't make me pay for the stains!!!xtra info- the carpet is older , it's your basic cheap carpet and is beige/cream in color!!!Any ideas/solutions will be greatly appreciated, just remember I want the cheapest, most effective quickest ways to remove stains from older carpet!!!


First cheapest way. Warm water and white vinegar 50/50 solution. You want to dilute the stain not drown the area 4 beyond the spot. This lifts dirt, grime stains. It will not harm the cheapo carpet. If this is a long time stain from furniture or ink, food, or who knows then you may want to try an Oxy or Resolvebased cleaning product. IMPORTANT. Test the cleaner in a patch of carpet in you closet if it has carpet to see if a big lightening/discoloring of the carpet occurs. The labeling on the can will tell you something like this. The biggest issue that move-er-outers face is spot clean if leaves clean carpet spots that highlight the dirty rest of the carpet. Carpet stains that fail to come out are also highlighted as well like really well! Red stains, furniture stain stains, and ink stain s are toughest to remove. Get FREE estimate of Stanley Steamer carpet guy. Make sure there are no hidden costs involved.
Aug 23, 2017
Go rent a rug doctor. This is cheap but may not remove everything depending on how old and what type of stains they are. You may need to decide if its cheaper to pay management to have the rug cleaned or for you to get it steamed, which may be you only way to remove old stains. Good luck. My carpet is stained to hell, although we clean it regularly. Conventional carpet cleaners do not remove certain stains...
Aug 23, 2017
Try Resolve spot carpet cleaner. It may clean too well and make the rest of the rug look dingy. You can also rent a steam cleaner and their chemicals fairly cheaply at super markets or places like Home Depot for less than $100. You can have it professionally cleaned for something like $150-200 for up to 450 sq. ft.
Aug 23, 2017
how old are the stains? if there old try bleach
Aug 23, 2017

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