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what are releasing mechanisums ?

which products would i find them in? XD


all of them but the fridge. as a JC in the early 60's I participated in Sabin Oral Sundays a precursor to the Salk Vaccine. You got an oral dose of the vaccine on a sugar cube three Sundays in a row as I remember Portable CalculatorThis also occurred in the early 60's as I remember. I remember manual calculators where you turned a crank and moved a carriage to get the answers. Tough to do square roots. They were a boon in my field of agricultural chemistry. Smoke Detectors were also in the 60's. their precursors were heat detectors before my time. One use of a heat detector (Wood's metal triggers on fire sprinklers and fire extinguishers) came in the 30's I beleive. Microwave. First one I saw was at a county fair used to pop popcorn.
Maybe try soaking them all a big sink or tub with dish soap and water. Move them around to agitate them and let the soap do all the work. Good Luck!

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