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What are the disadvantages of getting a custom dual exhaust system?

I am looking at getting it done to my Mitsubishi FTO and wanted to know if there were any disadvantages. Also would the new exhaust not get used as much because there is longer to travel? and one last thing would it be illegal to do this on P Plate laws in Queensland?


they might be made out of some composite material like fiberglass or carbon fiber, some are still made of either wood or foam as far as I know.
You hit the nail on the pinnacle. The Pypes 409 stainless-metallic V6 twin Pipe Conversion equipment is going to be the final exhaust for the cost to your vehicle. in case you have the extra money, the Ford Racing V6 overall performance twin exhaust equipment will additionally paintings, yet for an further $250 i do no longer think of it is properly worth it. the two structures are actual-duals, the two structures get rid of the restrictive Y pipe and replace it with a greater efficient performing X pipe, the two structures use chambered backboxes(mufflers), so, quite in circumstances like this, why no longer shop the money for greater improvements later? bypass with the Pypes.
I'm not an expert but there shouldn't be any major disadvantages to switching from single to dual. If you have the four cylinder, you will not have real dual exhaust as you only have one exhaust manifold. You will just have two tips. If you have the V6 you can then have it actually be dual exhaust. The only thing I would worry about is the simple fact that having two exits (as opposed to one) will, like you said give the exhaust more to travel. It shouldn't make any difference though. It should be a negligible amount.
I think you should look up dual exhaust buddy. you don't even know the concept of it and your thinking about dumping 300 bucks on someone to do something to your car and you have no clue what they are even doing or what it does after they do it? There are so many car customization magazines on rag racks all over and every genre of car crafting is covered by a series of mags. go pick up a copy of import tuner, read it cover to cover, and ask questions later

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