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What does the bearing model 7308becbm mean?

What does 7 represent? What does the rest represent? If 7 is changed into other numbers, what does it represent?


This is a model of SKF bearings7 represents the bearing type as angular contact bearing3 represents the width class0 stands for size class8 represents the bearing inner diameter of 40, after the general bearing two digit multiplied by 5, is the bearing bore diameter
M stands for BrassIf 7 replaced by other figures, it is not a complete bearing model, if 7 replaced the suffix of the letter should be replacedSKF bearings are now too many fakes, you can try to use the Taiwan ZNQ, can replace imported bearings
B stands for angular contact bearings with an angle of 40 degreesE stands for internal design and has been optimizedCB represents the universal set of single row angular contact bearings in the face, back to back, clearance for ordinary group

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