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What exactly is a 'local' fire alarm in terms of renters insurance?

I am getting a quote now for renters insurance, but it asks if I have one of three types of fire alarms in our apartment. Local, Central, or Direct. Of the three I have narrowed it to either I have none of those or local. The meaning they give for 'local' is: an audible alarm sounds from speakers fitted to the home that alerts you and those around you that the home is experiencing a fire. The kind I have in our apartment is just one fire alarm that is hanging on the wall, just the normal round kind that beeps. No extra speakers anywhere.Is this what a 'local' fire alarm is or not?


We have three fire extinguishers, four smoke alarms, and an escape plan. They're cheap. They're easy. They can save your life.
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We have to and have a couple of bags prepared and ready to go. We live in San Diego and have had 2 major wild fires roar through here in recent years. We were lucky to only be evacuated once but the fire was so close that we could feel the heat. Plus, we live in a box canyon with one way in and one way out, so we have a neighborhood plan to assist elderly and disabled neighbors when we are told to evacuate. And since we live in earthquake territory, being prepared for a natural disaster is a way of life.

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