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What grind, and kind of coffee to use for French press?

When making French press coffee: What grind of coffee? What kind? Light or dark roast?


medium to coarse grind is needed for a french press. Id use a dark roast but that personal preference.
Coarse or medium grind. Fine grind coffee will appear in your cup.
The most IMPORTANT thing to know regarding coffee made in a French press: you need LARGE particles of a uniform size for your coffee to turn out right. A high-quality grinder is your best bet--you can get the beans ground at the shop, or buy whole beans and grind them yourself. Smaller coffee particles lead to more dust, foam in the coffee and sludge in the bottom of your cup. Try to only grind as much as you can use in 2-3 days. I grind my coffee every day, use it and then grind more as needed. I have a French press, though do not use it every single day. I enjoy the flavor of the coffee, and sometimes will make a pot if it is to be enjoyed with the meal, such as brunch, but during the busy week, a coffee-maker with a timer is what I use most often. (With beans ground as I set the pot up the night before.) I often make coffee throughout the day if I am home, and use the French press then.

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