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what is crystal frequency of usb card reader?

I bought a TBS3101 2 Crystal Phoenix/Smart mouse Card Reader recently, but I don't know if this usb card reader is compatible with my computer. any helps will be appreciated


Most of USB smartmouse phoenix card reader has only 1 USB port, which is used for power and data transfer. The computer will look the card reader as COM interface after installing the driver. Most of smart card reader and writer supports 5 Crystal frequencies(3.579MHz,6MHz,8MHz, 10MHz and 12MHz), both 3.3V and 5V card voltage and Phoenix Smartmouse working mode.
Does it have a power led? Is the reader freq set to 3.57 mhz ? You could try using this line with the phoenix Usb on the end:
Generally any usb reader should be compatible with any computer that has a usb port. If the computer is so old that it doesn't have USB 2, most devices will operate at USB 1 speed.

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