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What is the best material for the carpet?

With the continuous improvement of people's consumption level, many places will be covered with carpets. Carpets not only have decorative functions, but also have the advantages of sound insulation, heat insulation and antifouling. They are safe and do not slip. Walking on carpets makes people feel comfortable and leisurely. Therefore, it is loved by many people, but there are many materials of carpets. What kind of materials do they have. How to choose?


Characteristics of carpets made of several materials: 1. Wool: good elasticity, not easy to pollute, deform and wear, good heat insulation, tantalum is easy to corrode and moth, and its price is high The grid is higher. 2. Nylon: good wear resistance, easy to clean, no corrosion, no moth, no mildew, but easy to deform and produce Static electricity, local dissolution in case of fire. 3. Polyester: wear resistance is second only to nylon, heat resistance, sun resistance, no mildew and moth. Dyeing is difficult. 4. Polypropylene fiber: light weight, good elasticity, high strength and rich raw materials. 5. Acrylic fiber: soft, warm and elastic. The elastic recovery force in the low elongation range is close to that of wool, Lighter than wool, no mildew, corrosion and moth. The disadvantage is poor wear resistance.
Don't buy pure wool carpets like wool. Although the feet feel soft and comfortable and the texture is thick, they are very easy to absorb dust and be eaten by insects. The selling price and maintenance cost are too high and the cost performance is too low. They are not recommended. Do not buy chemical fiber carpets such as acrylic, polyester and nylon. Although they are cheap and wear-resistant, they are prone to static electricity and sticky ash and hair. If there are pets at home, some will be affected. It is recommended to buy blended carpet. It adds a certain amount of chemical fiber to the pure wool carpet, so it combines the advantages of both, which is comfortable and wear-resistant. It also overcomes the disadvantages of both. It is not easy to dust and will not be eaten by insects. The price is cheap and there are many designs and colors!
Carpets can be roughly divided into four categories according to materials: 1. Pure wool carpet: pure wool carpet is a high-grade decoration material for the floors of high-grade guest rooms, auditoriums and stages. It is made of the most high-quality sheep wool weaving carpets in the world. Cotton wool has long fiber, large tensile force, good elasticity and luster, and the fiber is slightly thick and powerful. 2 blended carpet: Blended carpet is a ground decoration material made of wool fiber and various synthetic fibers. Because synthetic fiber is mixed in the blended carpet, the price is low and the service performance is improved. For example, after adding 20% nylon fiber to wool fiber, the wear resistance of carpet can be improved five times, the decorative performance is no less than that of pure wool carpet, and the price is more affordable. 3. Chemical fiber carpet: chemical fiber carpet is also called synthetic fiber carpet. It is made of synthetic fiber into surface layer by tufting method or weaving method, and then sewed with linen bottom layer. Chemical fiber carpet has good wear resistance, elasticity and low price. It is suitable for floor decoration of general buildings. 4. Plastic carpet: the plastic carpet is made of PVC resin, plasticizer and other auxiliary materials through uniform mixing and molding. The plastic carpet has soft texture, bright color, comfort and durability, is not easy to burn, can self extinguish and is not afraid of moisture. Plastic carpet is suitable for hotels, shopping malls, stages, houses, etc. Because the plastic carpet is water-resistant, it can also be used in the bathroom for anti-skid.

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