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what is the name of the part that keeps car door closed?

Not the Key Lock, But the part that snapps together when the door is closed? One part is connected to the body of the car and the other is attached to the door.


I'm not exactly sure what you mean by a thermal insulator foil blanket. I'm assuming that you mean one of those things like the emergency survival blankets/space blankets, which are made of Mylar. The majority of the blanket is Mylar, because of its insulating properties. Mylar melts at 254 C, which is only 490 F. However, these blankets are aluminized with a thin layer of aluminum basically just for strength and as a better thermal barrier. Aluminum melts at 660 C (1,221 F). That sounds really good, I know, but the fact is that these blankets are *really* thin, only about 0.01 millimeters to a maximum of 0.015 mm. So you're beginning at *one hundredth* of a millimeter. This makes it great for hiking and field work, because in an emergency, it's a helluva lot better than nothing, and it's very tiny to carry. But would I want to put it between myself and a blowtorch? No. Out here, where we have a fairly good amount of brushfires, our firemen carry them as an absolute last-ditch survival measure if they've been cut off from evacuation and a fire is blowing back on them. In that case, the blankets usually last long enough for the fire to move on. But consider two things - the fires move through pretty quickly, and the firefighters do survive, but with lots of burns, sometimes very severe (but it's better than dying). I hope that answers your question.
running to the waste basket with broken glass in your hand - don't run and use a dust bin to carry it. you have poured on yourself a flask full of 10M H2SO4, you start running around the lab screaming my skin is melting, my skin is melting - hurry to the emergency shower, turn it on, take off clothes. a fire starts in the lab you run as fast as you can towards the door. - fist put all your chemicals that you were working on in the sink next to you (chemicals and fire don't mix very well) move in an orderly fashon toward the door. i dont understand you question. what do you do with what chemical (the one that is spilled or the one in the bottle) for the one that is spilled it depends what it is. there are different cleanning-up procedures for strong acids vs strong bases, but usually just wipe it off with a moist paper towel for the one in the bottle wipe it if it has spilled chemical on it and out it on a clean part of the table as far away from the spill so you can clean it properly, without having another spill from the bottle.

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