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what is this part. i think its a latch so wth?

i have been searching for a latch( not the hood lock in the front.) the side latches/hinges that the hood swings from. my friends one is broken and we are looking for an replacement so what is it actually called. everytime i type in latch they show the lock part. help


OMG lol i just got the same comp. i came upon ur answer b accident! Under he apple in ur screans top corner click system preferances then g to parental controls. At the bottom corner of ur window click the lock. type ur password and ur inches away from changing ur settings. Hope it works!
If it's good for B and C fires and a C fire is flammable gas, then it's good. Under US standards, however, a C fire is an electrical fire and CO2 is a good choice, depending upon what fuel is actually burning.

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