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What other top secret information will 0bama reveal to the world?

The U.S. has previously regarded such details as top secret.Just astonishing.Will there be anything left of the USA by 2012?I thought one of the main reasons for secrecy is so that an enemy doesn't know for certain how many warheads we have. So the enemy can never be certain that its own attack plan would be successful.


Wow, are you friggin serious? If we launched 5,113 warheads, nobody would have to worry about hardened silos... or life on earth anymore..
REALLY! ..................harden their missle silo's to withstand 5,113 warheads as you read it again, do you realize just how this sounds?
look everyone knows we have alot of nukes and that we probably have the most or at least the second most. so you tell me how people knowing we have over 5,000 warheads is going to make the slightest bit of difference? it doesn't. if they knew the locations, types and our plans if we were to use them that would be a different story. but they dont so this information really makes no difference. its like bringing a knife to a gun fight but when you get there you see there is also a tank you have to deal with.
Comrade, the US has 5,113 warheads! We thought they had 5,114! Aha! Stupid Amerikans! Now we have them where we wnat them.
Now I know why World War 2 started on a Democrat's watch.

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