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What Plastics or types of glass are excellent at insulation?

If it is lightweight that is an added plus, but please post.


there is a spray for that.so go to the store and find it usually around the detergent somewhereit works i use it on sweaters.
wash the blanket and add some fabric softner to the wash.
Just wash it.then dry it wit fabric softner
That spray works well but it smells icky; so do most fabric softeners, IMOA humdifier in the room can also help and its not stinky.
I assume you mean thermal insulator and not electrical insulator Air is a good insulator, so foam (with lots of trapped air) will be an excellent insulator(You didn't say what temperature you needed to insulate.) Common foams are polyurethane, polystyrene, silicone (for high temperature use)Generally speaking, air is so much better an insulator than solid plastic, foams will almost always beat solid plastics for low thermal conductivityThere are glass foams possible, but it requires special tools (either laser or diamond saws) to cut it, which is why they spin glass into fibers for flexibilityThe space shuttle uses foam ceramic tiles to insulate against the heat of reentry, and is very lightweight.

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