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What’s the best homemade carpet cleaner recipe?

For use in a carpet cleaning machine.


No need for any carpet cleaner just add two cups of White Vinegar to the cleaning tank your carpet will come clean deodorized and will be brighter looking no dulling residue left on carpet and the carpet is sanitized also removes pet odors Good Luck !
Aug 23, 2017
Not sure about a recipe just make sure its low foaming you could use napisan or something similiar just fill the tank with hot water and dissolve the napisan in water before pouring in with the rest of the water.
Aug 23, 2017
dunno about that but as a quick solution for vacuming,try sprinkling bicab of soda on to carpets,leave for 10 mins and vacum as normal,it get srid of any odors and freshens up until you clean them properly
Aug 23, 2017

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