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Whats wrong with my impalas windshield wipers?

They were working fine, then just stopped halfway up the windshield and had a smell of burning plastic. The fuse is fine but they just randomly work on the very highest setting. After they do work on the highest setting they stay up.


Try other wiper relays in that vehicle , check the wiring ,also take a look at the wiper assembly itself and it could be that the switch or wiring has fried or melted. Hope that helps and Merry Xmas.
examine you wiper's arm to wiper transmission via pushing the arm down if it unfastened tighten the nut that ought to repair the subject.if no longer take to motor vehicle-zone close to you they'll examine and replace wiper blades for you unfastened hard artwork.
Remove the cover for access to the wiper motor/transmission linkage. Check to make sure no debris is blocking the linkage and if it is clear then your wiper motor needs to be replaced.

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