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when and how to use a fire extinguisher?

soo i have this project due like in a few days and it has a bunch of stuff on it but i need like a paragraphh of when and how to use a fire extinguisher! soo can someone tell me when and howw like 8 to 12 sentences?! pleaseee(:thanks!


Sounds to me like you want to sleep with the fishes
My house is gas heat and stove and everything. I quite frequently crank the heat up. I live in Alaska and it is getting cold here already!!! I think all you need to do is burn off all the new fumes smell. Gas actually is a better and more efficient way to heat your home. I grew up in an electric heat home and I love the heat in my house now. I only have to keep the heat around 67 to 70 degrees and usually about 70 it will run you out the house. I love it. Just make sure that you keep a carbon monoxide detector in your home not just around the furnace. I promise you will learn to love gas. I wouldn't live with out my gas stove now. You need to move the birds out so you can interact with them. They don't need to be closed up in a room all by them selves. If they were 6 months old in the summer then they aren't babies anymore. They need interaction!! Warmth is a big thing for birds they need to be warm.
There is a chance you could exceed its angle and it would snap, it puts allot of strain on the blank constantly bending it in one place, most rods are in sections that allow you to store them safely, if not drop the seats down in the back and rest the rods between the seats in the car or SUV, i keep my longer rods in an aluminum tube on the roof of both my SUV and truck, they are available from cabelas, if not its through the middle of the seats.

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