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When is AM3+ coming out? (bulldozer)?

Seems like it's coming out as slow as the billdozer from king of the hill.Wasn't it supposed to be out this month?


It was supposed to be out over a month ago but it got delayed because it wasn't going to be able to compete with Sandy Bridge. They're saying September now. AM3+ motherboards were already out before the June release date because they're compatible with the AM3 processors. I doubt I'll buy an AMD processor any time soon, but I would like them to step it up and create some solid competition for Intel so that Intel works harder and some prices come down. Apparently due to the performance issues of the bulldozer, Ivy Bridge won't be clocked any higher than Sandy Bridge. I'm not knocking AMD by any means, but I do extensive work on 3d animation and modeling software. Many AMD processors are more than capable for gaming and basic computing and they are priced very well, but my processor needs go above and beyond the needs of a gamer. If bulldozer ends up beating the Sandy Bridge Extreme processors I'll get one in a heartbeat but nobody expects that to happen. The A series is actually fairly weak as just a processor, but it has integrated graphics that are powerful enough to beat even weaker discrete cards. It isn't really worthwhile to compare them to the i3 or any other processor because the A8 is in a whole new market - the extreme low-budget gaming systems and other tasks that demand ok graphics but don't require anything really powerful.
the supporting boards are out now
septembre is the word now. also a8 blows the crap out of any i3, in the market its intended for
Amd already came out with the Amd A8 3800 fusion family processors as they say they were in which is slower than the ,intel i-3 2100k , yes the date was set for fall of 2011 or the winter of 2012 amd is keeping it a secret is when the original launch date, still getting bits and pieces of info on these new bulldozer series in will compete with the intel i series we will see and rumors spreading that intel is coming out with a new line of processors as well
The boards are out now but the latest date for the CPU is September (maybe!) The 8 core will be at a later date the present one is to be 6 core but better architecture and speed than the present T CPUs. Supposedly the final release will be 12 core late next year.

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