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When you get you axle fix on your car how long should it last?

I got my axle fix a year ago, and now I have to get it fix again. It one or the other. We get one fix then the other needs to be fix a few month later. Are we getting made by the auto place. I need to know how long it should last to. So please just don't say yes or no. I need a true answer. Please help.


axles should last 75 to 125K miles.even longer if not abused.are you talkin CV joints. make sure you get ones with lifetime warranty
May 28, 2018
Is that rear (bearings) or front ( bearings and or CV joints). When doing one side, you should do the other. Tho there is an axle housing , its not just one axle
May 28, 2018
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May 28, 2018
Ignore that guy, just because he's a tech means nothing. I've been low nearly scrubbing the ground with a 38mm spacer on my Daily Driver. A car that is 20 years old, and your car isnt nearly that old. I slide my car daily and beat on it and I havent had a single problem caused by the spacers. You'll be fine. Just be careful not to curb your new rims! :) Good Luck
May 28, 2018

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