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Where are the rugs in sims 2?

I cannot for the life of me find the rugs in sims 2. I've seen some other answers here that say things like quot;decorations, rugs, put it on the floor.quot; well obviously if I am having to ask, I'm not able to follow those instructions as easily as you. Call me retarded or what you want, but all I see under decorations is plants, sculptures, wall hangings, mirrors, and curtains. So if someone could give me a real answer instead of some sarcastic bs, that would be great. Thx.


I just opened my game to see where the rugs were and they are here: Buy Mode Decorative Under Decorative as you already said there are the sub-categories plants, sculptures, wall hangings, mirrors, curtains, then rugs, then an icon that has 3 little buttons that is the sub-category miscellaneous, then next to that an icon that looks like a figure 8 on its side that represents the sub-category 'All'. Can you see MISCELLANEOUS and ALL? It is possible that the sub-category 'rugs' only appeared after I installed a certain expansion pack. I'm not sure as it's nearly 5 years since I just had the original game on its own. But if that is the case, and 'rugs' only got its own icon sub-category after EA released certain expansion packs, then I would guess that if you have the base game with no expansions rugs would either show up under DecorativeMiscellaneous or DecorativeAll. There are only 2 or 3 rugs that I can say for certain came with the base game- this is maybe why they didn't originally have their own sub-category, would hardly have been worth it for only a couple of items. And custom rugs will nearly always show up under DecorativeMiscellaneous. This is because they are hardly ever cloned from Maxis rugs, which are very boring.
Aug 23, 2017
There aren't any.
Aug 23, 2017

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