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Where can I buy silver insulating material?

Similar to the stuff that is seen in lunchboxes. I need it to keep things cool. I am making a lunchbox for a friend of mine and I cannot find this type of material.


What is your question? And what is pay them the light? As far as your deposit being kept, even though you think a door is cheap as well as heater floor windows whatever those are the landlord has the right to deduct the cost of having these items replaced and installed professionally by a carpenter whos services arent cheap. Before you left you should of replaced those items yourself if you feel you could do it. For example if the landlord needed to replace a door you broke then they would call a contractor out of the phone book and have them come replace it and the contractor may charge $200 for doing it which is normal, there time to go pick up the new door then time to replace it. And the landlord has NO right to walk right into an apartment, a minimum 24hrs notice to the tennant is required in most states, and thats for legit reasons like they want to test the smoke alarms or do some type of maintenance. They cant just walk in for no reason or even to ask about rent money. You should of called the police on them when that happened when you could of. Prob too late now.
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