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where can i get vermiculite?

ok im getting into growing bonsai trees and i need to find vermiculite does any one know of stores that carry it?


AGAIN...NEVER spray the eggs directly. How are you incubating them? In a tank? They should be in a proper incubator, not a tank. That's probably why you can't keep the humidity up. Sphagnum moss is ok, but perlite (without fertilizer, so no Miracle-Gro) is best. You can also look online for vermiculite/perlite/hatchrite/super hatch. Several plant nurserys also carry vermiculite/perlite, but make sure it does not have any additives.
you may placed the calcium powder in somewhat bowl in his tank and only bypass away it there with him and notice if that facilitates. on occasion they're going to easily consume it while they choose it and different situations they won't. relies upon on the leo. There are additionally liquid calcium supplements you may attempt spraying on the crickets only in the previous feeding time. i've got in no way used them and don't understand a lot approximately them so a ways as high quality is going, yet they are on the keep cabinets. MBD itself would properly be corrected however the outcomes are many times everlasting. In otherwords you may ultimate the calcium deficiency interior the gecko's weight loss plan yet in keeping with how undesirable it grow to be and for a manner long he would desire to continuously walk humorous.

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