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Where is a good place to buy ceramic tile and granite counter tops?

Me and my husband are re doing our house so we can sell it. We have run into a little problem. We are having a hard time finding good ceramic tile and granite counter tops. We have a budget of 150,000 to redo this house that we bought. Keep in mind that it cant be very very expensive because we have to buy other materials. We just dont no where to buy this stuff. Does anyone know where a good place is to buy ceramic tile and granite counter tops? Also we are looking for real hard wood flooring?


where the arm fits down on is stripped out !
Have you checked out Supreme International?
Try your local Home Depot.
I would take off the formica. I did this last year with a formica counter top and it was easy. Get a wide chisel and tap it under the edge of the formica. With any luck the thing should pretty much pop right up. You may have a problem if the formica was put down by someone who knew what they were doing, but face it, today most people simply have no clue. When I did mine I was able to get the formica up in about 10 minutes. It may rip or break; be careful of the jagged edges as these can be very sharp. The next consideration is that the countertop has to be strong enough. If it bows down at all when you lean on it, especially around the sink, then it needs to be reinforced. Lay down a sheet of 6-mil plastic, or better yet, a sheet of the type of membrane used along the lower edges of roofs to prevent leaks from ice dams. You need a good waterproof barrier. Next screw down metal mason's lath; this is a thin diamond-patterened mesh used in masonry applications. Use screws at least every 8 inches in a grid pattern over the whole surface. You can apply the mortar (use thin-set mortar, NOT mastic) and tile right over the lath using 1/4x3/8 square notch trowel to get the mortar to the right thickness.

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