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which one has better resolution, lcd tv or lcd monitor?

i know that lcd monitor for pc has a high resolution (can reach more than 1280x1024 depends on my vgacard). lcd tv has also high def (1080p hdmi ready also pc input ready). so. is it good enough if i buy one lcd tv for displaying my dvd player, tv reception also as pc monitor? save money save space, n i only need to buy port switcher right? will it work just fine?


Besides line resolution, the next important consideration is the contrast ratio. The higher the better with the motion picture standard being 2,000:1. So select the lcd tv or lcd monitor accordingly, based on both resolution and contrast ratio. Good luck!
lcd tv just buy the onw which can be connected to a pc
YESEither one will be Fine for your needs
The difference between a LCD TV and a monitor is that the TV has a tuner that you can hook up analog cable, and HD antenna. A monitor has no tuner so you must get a cable/sattelite box. Or you can buy an external tuner box. That's the only difference. They have the same inputs, and definetly the same picture. They can both hook up to your computer. You may find some LCD TV's that won't hook up to a monitor, but an LCD monitor will definetly hook up to a PC.

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