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Which wrestler(s) would you like to see turn Heel in 2014? (BQ)?

BQ: Anyone you'd like to see turn face?


All gloves, boxing, MMA, or otherwise, serve more to protect the hands rather than the opponent's head. MMA (Mixed Martial Arts, the sport the UFC organization promotes) was bareknuckle for a while. Gloves were added partly for fighter safety, as it's hard to compete with a broken hand, but mostly it was a change that allowed it to be percieved more as a sport and less like a gladiatorial event by the general public. To them, gloves sport, while bare fists bar fighting.
Because if it was bare knuckle the idea would never pass the athletic comission.
I would imagine that most of them wear large or XL, just on average. I know that some of them do change from time to time depending on what kind of wrap they are having done on their hands. I have heard of a few of the guys changing the type of wrap job that they done on their hands depending on whether they intend to keep a fight standing and doing a lot of striking or they may go with a slightly lighter wrap if they want more hand mobility for a fight where they are looking to grapple a lot and want to use their hands a little more freely to look for submissions.
okay im going to drop alot of knowledge here. they wear them for both the hand protection and reduce injury to the opponent. Its aso to make it more suitable for TV because the second one good bare knuckle blow would be landed would 7 times out of 10 be it it would be all downhill from there. BUT they do have bare knuckle mma competitions they are called tough man competitions
I recommend talking to a medical professional. You need to get this taken care of, the right way. You might get bad advice here.

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