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Why does my O2 sensor keeps going out.?

i have a 99 dodge ram 5.2L 318 1500The second (or downstream) o2 sensor (oxygen sensor) has been replaced 3 times nowI have been told to go back to OEM parts that came factory and not go with aftermarketi have had the entire exhaust redone from 2.5 to 3 inch pipe through out (2.5 coming off the headers) the upstream was replaced with the downstream at the same timeI have a matco scan tool so i know the code and i know its the downstream through vehicle diagnosticIf anybody has any idea on what would possible be going on i would appreciate itThe only thing me and my dad could think of is there is something wrong coming off the wiring harness like a short or the plug is bad for the wiring harnessMy truck is slightly modified (52mm throttle body with spacer, cold air intake, jet modules and chip, crane cam, 202 heads, Pro charger stage two, etc.) Any feed back would be appreciated againThank you.


P0130 is for sensor 1, the upstream O2 sensor, not the downstream sensorThat would be an unusual failure mode for the sensor element (voltage should stay at 0.45V if the sensor is dead or not making connection)0.0 volts suggests a short to ground in the wiring.

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