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Why don't restaurants have the cooks wearing gloves?

I never see it. I personally think it's unsanitary.


Both mountains are great, but they're VERY different. Jay is old school, and located way out (at the Canadian border), hence the dumping snow. Loon is on a heavily travelled (although beautiful) scenic highway, the Kangamagus (Rte 112). Loon has consistently won awards from snowboarding magazines for everything related to snowboarding, including best park. It's park is FAR better than Jay's. Snow quality is excellent, but we are talking NH here, not out west : ). Jay is known for high quantities of snow, great glades, old cut trails etc BUT a warning, I've been to Jay about 12 times and have never seen the whole hill due to wild weather. Fog, wind, fog, snow, did I mention fog? are all there and for some people can be a day killer. As for driving an Aveo, Loon would be much easier, but make sure you hit the Kanc from the WEST side off I93. Tons of lodging, food, fun around as well. (Not much at Jay except great trails). The other side of the Kanc is a true mountain road with no cell reception. Jay's drive is fine if you check the weather first.
I suspect there a crystal forms of carbon or potentially water under extreme pressure, as in for example water being the core of a planet, so billions and billions of tons per square inch, would be under such a massive crystalized lattice that it would make aluminum and silver run home crying to their mommies. I dont think you'd be able to get any of that for your grow room though, good luck dude,

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