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Why is my fire alarm chirping every 5 minutes?

I thought replacing the battery would fix it, but it's still chirping, and it's driving me nuts.


Yes, there are lots of different components with different specs out there. You might check out Stewart-MacDonald's website for parts, or contact Schechter. If you're not familiar with guitar repair, you might ask your local guitar shop for a referral to a good repair tech (or they may do it themselves.).
hi taping the the switch won't damage the alarm. it just wont go off if the bonnet is opened when the alarm is on .it's hard to open the bonnet from the out side so i wouldn't worry to much about it .you could get a switch from a breakers for around ?5 and if it your self in a couple of minuets.or get one from ford for not to much more .you could just disconnect it unplug it or cut the wires and join them together if unplugging does not work.hope that helps.

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