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Why is my tape player squeaking?

Sometimes when playing tapes, my tape player in my car will start to squeak, then stop, then squeak more, then stop, then squeak forever. the music's still playing, but you can barely make it out. however, the tape itself is fine, and sometimes will work ok if i wait a bit. What is the cause of this problem is there any way to fix it? Note: please do not tell me to get a CD/mp3 player. my car is a piece i'm not putting any money into it.


It starts with the observation that the speed of light is the same for all observers regardless fo their inertial frame of reference or relative speed or the speed of the light source. This, in turn, requires that some very strange sounding things have to happen for cause and effect to be maintained. Some of the stranger ones are that time and space have to be thought of as two different aspects of the same thing (as well as mass and energy), that spacetime has to 'curve' in the vicinity of mass, that the mass and energy of anything increase without bound as velocity increases, that time 'slows down' as you accelerate, and that mass and energy are related by E mc?. Doug
There is a kind of duct tape made of thin metal with a moderately shiny surface that is available at most hardware and home center stores. 50 years ago there was a shiny chrome tape that I bought to tape the inside of parabolic antenna to make a solar dish then. I have no idea where to get it now. The best bet would probably be 3M or similar spray adhesive and applying heavy duty aluminum foil in 2 wide strips (to avoid crumpling) shiny side up. I guarantee that if you do even a passable job of making reflector surface, the focus will destroy plastic wrap or sheet in under a minute. I would suggest using fine wire from rim to rim to make a net in the center (like 3 or 4 wires each way) on which to lay things. Remember, you are going to have to tilt the thing to aim at the sun, so you will need to fasten or at least hook the target to something.

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