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Why use a reducer? 1- gets low speed, and 2- gets high torque

1- gets low speed, and 2- gets high torqueIn addition to the above 2 reasons, what are the reasons? Some people say that in order to obtain better operating characteristics, I do not understand this meaning, please give detailed explanation of the professionals, thank you


3 reducer have protective effects in motor drive, running speed reducer under high overload torque, when delivered to the motor overload only divided by reduction ratio value, if directly by motor bear may cause the damage to the motor. When the overload is very large, the deceleration opportunity is damaged first, and the reducer needs to be replaced only when the spare parts are replaced. The cost is relatively low. If the motor is directly damaged, the maintenance is relatively slow and the cost is high.
Get low speed, get big torque, get better running characteristics,2, with a reducer, you can reduce the inertia of rotation, generally the speed ratio of the square reduced, which is very important for control, timely control of starting, stopping, speed change. The speed reducer increases the torque is equivalent to increasing the input power, can reduce the input power to the motor (the need to speed the occasion), general motor reducer than expensive, so consider to use reducer.
Direct connected load low speed motor in order to meet the output torque current will increase a lot in the motor, the motor for cooling and insulation will have higher requirements, from the aspect of energy saving is not desirable, if you can use reducer to reduce the impact of these problems.

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