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Why would this be impossible?

It is well-known that lightning rods are struck by lightning simply for being the highest object around.Why can't they build really tall structures that act as a giant magnet for lightning, with a huge ball on top, so that in a stormy area, all lightning in the area is attracted to it and drawn down to be stored as electricity?Perhaps even tap the free electricity in the ionosphere?Why don't they want you to know about free energy? Is the $$$ they make off oil gas stopping them from letting this out?Just 1 lightning bolt can have enough electricity to power incredible amounts of things, a few key storm prone areasYou get the idea, hundreds of feet high, but this time, not a kite, but a lightning rod for storing electricity.


Actually Ambrose and Rollins could be big solo superstars right now if they wanted to push them as such. Roman Reigns would just be another generic power wrestler that everybody would overlook if he was not part of the Shield. But together they are unstoppable as a team..BELIEVE IN THE SHIELD.
What do you want to bealarmed about?
wouldn't it be better to put a camera outside your bedroom door with a electric lock? That way you would see who's coming towards your room and then push a button to lock it or unlock it. To me that would be cheaper then the alarm when you can put the video on your computer. But if you really want an alarm with a siren, then go for it. But I sense your going to get allot of fights over the sound when the camera system seems better to me in many ways. A door strike can work from a remote to lock or unlock.

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