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Will there still be light?

Let's conduct an experiment.You have:A torch (wrapped in reflective material)A box that is covered with mirrors on the insideYou turn on the torch and place it in the box. You then close the box and wait until the battery in the torch runs dry. Will there still be light inside the box when the torch runs out of power?


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Smoke detectors: Code generally requires one per sleeping area. You can phone your fire marshal [usually associated with a fire dept, if a small town then the building inspection/permit people] . As for cracked glass in windows if it lets in cold air then yes it is a habitability issue and the landlord should repair it. Have your brought this to his/her attention in a tactful way? Cardboard as suggested is really unsightly and makes a place look like a slum so as a landlord I never want to see that used. Think about how to get them to fix it by using positive constructive and creative ways to encourage them to fix it. Like not wanting their property to look like a slum. Some states are better than other describing what constitutes a habitability issue. Learn what your state considers to be the guidelines. In CA a broken window or glass requires repair. If you are able, take a photo with your phone etc. and send it to him/her so they can see what it is you are talking about. Some states permit tenants to repair and deduct after giving landlord notice. Again, educate yourself as to whether this remedy is available to you.
If it is the type with the ball on the bottom side,take some rubbing alcohol and with a cloth ,wipe the ball several times.it just needs cleaning. If you are a pc junkie like I am, I'd recommend doing this weekly.

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