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windshield wipers messed up?

I have a 05 monte carlo, and the windshield wipers will stay up when turned off, but when in delay they will stay at bottom of windshield then wipe, and back to bottom, but once you shut them off they come all the way up.How can I fix this?????


This is caused by the park latch on the wiper motor is bent. When you turn the switch to off it latches the wiper control arm and causes it to park at the bottom of the windshield tighter than when in standby for intermittant operation. The part is located on top of the wiper motor, and is gold in color. There should be a screw next to an edge with an angle coming up, that is the latch. If you straighten that part and put a washer under the screw it provides extra strength to the latch. If it doesn't fix it or it happens again than it would need to be replaced, available from the dealer.
It's usally the module that causes this. It is bolted to the winshield wiper motor. You can buy a new one at your local auto parts store.
wiper motor control module. Had this problem with a gmc truck.

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