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windshield wipers problem?

My wipers are stuck in the up position and will not go all the way down when I turn them off. I have to drive with the wipers facing up. what could be wrong?


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could have a bad relay in the outside fuse box.they control the wipers.
Couple of possibilities. 1. This is normal for your vehicle. I had a Jeep Cherokee (1986) that worked like this if you were using the intermittent setting. If you didn't wait for them to come down during the cycle and just shut them off during the cycle they would park right there and stay. 2. This is not normal for you vehicle. There is a parking switch inside the ww wiper motor casing that is supposed to provide power to the motor until it has reached the park position. If that is not working then the motor will stop wherever it is when you turn the wipers off. One other possibility if the car is older than, say 10 years, is that there is an electrical ground wire that is supposed to go the chassis. These can corrode and result in intermittent operation, but that would normally mean it might park correctly sometimes and not operate at all other times.

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