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Working in Connecticut, is my employer breaking employee safety laws?

I am working part time at a very high end resturant while I go back to school. I was once a manager in CT and I don't think what my work is doing is legal, this is the first time in my life I have ever had a grevence with a business and I am not usually a squeaky wheel.One, our first aid kits are empty,and people are burning or cutting themselves often and we have no supplies. I've had to use my own personal first aid kit on many ocassions. Our boss and manager are aware of the situation, yet do nothingTwo, if someone is seriously injured I have no idea where to go. There is no posting of a workman's comp place. In fact there are no posters of any kind stating minimum wage or anyother legal stuff I remember having to post in a store I managed a few years ago.Three recently my boss decided that if a glass or plate broke, we had to pay for it. Starting at $4 going up to $6. Can they inforce this, since I never agreed to it in writing or verbaly?


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you call your alarm company, and let them know you want it deacivated. the alarm company that setup the system needs to know these kinds of thingsits very important. personally, i would use a hammer.

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