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would a burst from a fire extinguisher stop a charging bear?

one time i accidentally kicked my fire extinguisher and a burst came out. i could not breathe and had to exkit the car to get air and stayed out until the car aired out. i was wondering what kind of wild animal a burst of this thing could drive off.


No, there is no special paper that does anything like that for a laser printer. Some printers can produce their own cleaning page that you run through the printer, but it does not lubricate anything. Laser printers really don't need lubricating, unless their in a very dirty, dusty environment which will require disassebly, cleaning and some lubrication. To clean out a laser printer, you can open it all up, take out all the cartridges and trays that you can and blow it out with compressed air or a good laser vacuum. As for why it jams, it really depends on where it's jammin. It may need to have the paper pickup/feed rollers cleaned, or more possibly, replaced. The rubber on the rollers will get dirty, and over time get old and hard and not grip the paper like it should and cause paper jams. The other possibility is possible static buildup in the paper itself that will cause static cling/friction which will cause paper jams too. You can try cleaning the rollers with a lint free cloth and some alcohol,
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