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WS: Do you think these wrestlers could pull off a Face/Heel turn?

This should be a very interesting discussion; since I've pondered over this for quite a while. I'll be listing some wrestlers, and you let me know if they can pull off a Heel or a Face turn. You can simply write Yes or No, or give some details.Note- Think carefully, do not go on instinct alone. Remember that even The Shield pulled off a Face turn.*Your Names Are-* [Copy paste this and type Yes/No next to it in your answer, with or without detail]Face Turn by Bray Wyatt (w/Harper amp; Rowan)- Face Turn by Bad News Barrett- Face Turn by Damien Sandow- Face Turn by 3MB- Face Turn by Jack Swagger (w/Zeb Colter)- Face Turn by Paul Heyman- Heel Turn by Daniel Bryan- Heel Turn by Rob Van Dam- Heel Turn by Big E Langston- Heel Turn by John Cena- Heel Turn by The Usos- Heel Turn by Paige- Thanks in advance. Can't wait for your answers.


Yes? Thats how fire fighters get the water.
What third world country do you live in? You have computers but no fire hydrants. Weird.
One more year won't ill you. I got mine pierced when i was 16. To be honest getting it done when you're younger looks like you're trying to grow up too fast. Facial piercings look better when you're a little older. You'll look great if you wait just that one extra year, it'll be worth it and it'll be way more exciting.
its haunted not really its hard wired in to the houses electrical circuit the battery is for back up power failure put a battery in it and see if it stops if it dont replace it smoke detectors only have a life of about 10 years then they go bad and will start to chirp
Yes, doesnt every country?

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