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1989 gmc s15 front axle swap?

ok i have a 1989 gmc S15. im tired of ball joints failing me. i want to put in a straight front axle. but have no idea where to find a cheap conversion kit. i was just thinking of finding a wreaked full size truck with one and swaping the parts over. any ideas will help.


IFS are a pain in the neck but in reality there really is no cheap solid axle conversion kits. Swapping in a solid axle on an IFS requires extensive welding, grinding, removal of some frame parts and custom fabrication. Also you will have to build a custom steering setup. Not trying to discourage you because my IH scout, and 2 jeeps all have solid axles. Its just time consuming, it will tie up your vechicle for at least two weeks if youre doing it on your own, and requires quite a bit of skill to do.
May 28, 2018

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