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1997 Ford explorer brakes?

I have absolutely no brakes on my explorer when you push the brake pedal down it goes all the way to the floor. I have had 3 people look at it and everyone tells me something different. We thought air was in the brake lines so we tried to bleed the brakes that did no good. Thought the Calipers were bad changed them still no good. Two people looked at master cylinder and said it was OK another said it wasn‘t I‘m at a loss. I have done spent around $250 trying to fix it in the past 2 weeks and am about to pull my hair out. I am a single mom with 2 kids and I need it so I can get back and forth to work daily. Does anyone have any suggestions? I cant afford to take it to a mechanic so any help on here would be greatly appreciated


If there is no external leaks your calipers cannot be at fault. The basic brake system on your truck is a simple hyraulic system (even if it has ABS). All brake systems are designed to bypass the anti-lock brake system and resort back to a system that has been used for decades in an emergency situation. If the bleeding process has been done correctly and there are no external leaks (rear drums must be removed to check) it sounds like the master cylinder is leaking internally. This can be caused by age or someone putting oil instead of brake fluid in the resevoir. Good luck.
May 28, 2018
if youre brake booster was bad you would still have brakes it would just be extremely hard to push down the pedal , if youre calipers were bad it would pull very hard to one side or the other when you hit the brakes,hers how to tes a master cylinder, you start the engine and wiht youre truck idling you press firmly on the brake pedal and if it slowly sinks to the floor the youre seals are bad inside, based on what you provided it sounds to me like you have some sort of blockage somewhere, if you hit the pedal and it drops straight to hte floor with little or no resistance then youve got a leak somewhere, but if you havent noticed brake fluid pouring out than that is not a likely problem either, the only other idea i have based on the info you provided is that the linkage for the brake pedal has broken or come loose under the dash board or that youre fluid level is extremely low.you can visually check the fluid level by looking at the resevoir under the hood, to check your linkage look at the very top pf your brake pedal and check if everything is still attached to it and that nothing is broken. i hope this helps but if youre still having issues i would be more than willing to go thru this step by step w you, if you live in illinois i would be happy to come take a look for you and repair it , at no cost to you, good luck and god bless, let me know how you come out thanx ps the vaccuum leak suggestion isnt bad but you would notice a definite increase in engine speed at idle if you had a leakk big enough to effect your brakes
May 28, 2018
1 of 3 things.1-you have a bad brake booster.2-you have a vacuum leak going to your brake booster.3-your master cylinder IS bad.no brakes at all,usually MASTER cylinder.
May 28, 2018

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