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the procedure for bleeding abs hydraulic system ?

Honda accord abs with fluid resevoir (this is seperate to the master cylinder on the braking system) having open the bleed screw the fluid ejected went beyond the front of the car and full of air bubbles. I have been informed that the pressure of the fluid ejected could mean accumilator fault. But my thoughts are the pressure release may by due to the air lock.So what kit is required to pressure bleed the system. and what is the correct procedure


Vic's auto in Fayetteville GA 30214 flushes brakes for $100. You did not say what the problem was. Are you having brake problems or are you just trying to flush the brake system? I do not know the procedure but have read online different ways of bleeding brakes that have ABS. I do know that the pressures are very high and can inject into the skin, into veins and arteries and can be fatal. Ever heard the old saying DFWI? This is one of those times.
Jun 26, 2018
The pressure in the system is very high 2800 to 4800 psi, opening the maintenance bleed is going to give you a shower and the pressure release will cause bubbles to form. Unless you are having a problem (the ALB light is on) I would not mess with it, if you do what to work on it you need to get the service manual. I would just take it to the dealer and spend the $200 to have them flush it and replace the Fluid which is recommended maintenance every 2 years.
Jun 26, 2018

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