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2001 blazer cv axle change?

can you take the wheel bearing off and pull the axle through the hole where the bearing was


It's necessary to pop the lower ball joint apart and press the axle through the wheel bearing with a five ton three finger bearing puller if the wheel bearing is still inplace. Put the screw center of the puller in the center of the CV- joint after the large center nut has been removed and swing the fingers of the puller around the stud hub. As you tighten the puller the CV- joint will press inward through the wheel bearing. If the wheel hub bearing is already off, it's OK to pry the half shaft assembly through the hole where the bearing was. You've still have to have the lower ball joint seperated to replace the wheel bearing. The inner CV-joint is secured inside the differential case with a heavy snap ring. All you need to do is pry like the dickens between the inner joint and the case and the CV-Joint and axle assembly will slide out.*At no time should you attempt to pull the outer joint to pop the snap ring loose. If you do, the cages and balls will strip loose in both CV-Joints. Use a pickle fork or a pinion puller to press the ball joint loose from the lower A-arm.
May 28, 2018
I would do just the boot kits, and purchase them locally for easy exchange if nec. The mfg date should be clearly marked on the sticker in drivers door jamb.
May 28, 2018

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