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A law suit against humanity?

This is most outrageous the world and its people is being sued for what happened to her and her children. I heard a women talking today saying that she filed a law suit against humanity and is going to court with some kind of claim on how people in this world treats her.All of her children died, year by year 1 by 1 all of her 6 children died from carbon monoxide car accidents and home fires. The mother who claims humanity is to blamed is suing for 5 quadrillions dollars but she said in a statement saying that shes gonna sue the world and humanity for 5 quadrillions dollars.All that talk and i see no action i tried to hear the news and see if anything that she claimed on the internet i am trying to believe if her claim of a lawsuit against humanity but so far i haven't seen nothing as of yet.Do u think suing the human race is possible even for 5 or more quadrillions dollars just because she lost all her kids of accidents and blaming humanities if so why are we to blame?


you can open a doorknob type lock with a credit card(especially the cheaper ones) but not a deadbolt. ON the part that goes from the lock into the frame of the building(the part that moves into the door when you open it) is a small cylindrical shaft behind the main one that is designed to prevent this; but it can be easily circumnavigated
Sure. Bend about 1/4 inch over to the back side of the sheet on all the edges. That should leave a rounded edge. Another solution would be to frame the sheet with say a 1x2 cedar or pine. Just depends on how much you want to spend and how much time you have to accomplish this.

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