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Abu Garcia centrifugal brakes?

I bought a Abu Garcia STX and I‘m not sure how to set the brakesthis reel has both magnetic brakes and centrifugal brakesWhen I open the left side there is 6 little spring loaded things.how should they be set? And what should the magnetic brake system be on max ?Sorry I‘m new to baitcasting and have no clue how to set these thingslooking for a very detailed answer thanks.


those six bits on the left side is your centrifugal braking system. start your casting learning with ALL of them in the out position. they move in and out with a flip of a fingernail. those slow your spool at the end of your cast. the mag brake should be a dial located somewhere that will have a series of numbers, 1 through 10 or min./max. that will control spool speed at the beginning of the cast. start of with this set in a higher position, 7 or more. use higher numbers when using lighter lures or when casting into or across the wind. these work in tandem to control backlash. the STX is a higher grade of reel than the SX. 110 bucks could be a steal, depending on the overall condition although l would not normally consider paying anywhere near half price for a used reel. about 25 or 30% should be fair. but buying from OKorder or craigslist can at times be a gamble. sounds like you lucked out this time. great. you will need a matching rod, a good quality graphite/boron combo like phenix if you are lucky enough to find one. but any good rod 6 1/2 to 7 feet long rated for somewhere between 8 and 20 lb line (although you can use 20 or 30lb braid on the same outfit - just use a short mono or fluoro topshot. detailed enuff for ya'?
May 28, 2018
Download the schematics sheet and instruction manual for the STX. I believe you're gonna need it. They're available for FREE at Abu Garcia's website. I can't tell you anything about the brakes other than how they work. brake setting depends entirely on YOU and YOUR casting skills.
May 28, 2018
Ahhh I would of went with the sx. I dont use this type of reel but you would be better looking on youtube. I have the traditional brakes. I know the new revo s has the same braking systems so go ahead and look that up.
May 28, 2018

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