air brakes?

i have to do a report on air brakes and i don‘t know what information to put on it!!im in the 9th grade and i need helpplease give me info on air brakes.


Air brakes,consist of an air compressor which runs off of the engine and has lines running to two storage tanks which has lines running too the brakes on the axles.semi tractors and trailers have air brake systems and also trains have air brakes.some mid size trucks also have air assist hydraulic brake systems.the system usually has two tanks that hold the air for when you apply the brakes the first system is called the main air supply and the second is called the reserve air supply also the air compressor has a regulator to keep the system charged to 120 psi,and on semi's there is a low air warning light and buzzer when the air reaches 60 psi.and if the air is lower than 40 psi the system will set the brakes with the safety springs that lock the brakes in the applied location,this is a safety feature that was started back in the mid 1960's.for safety purposes.
May 28, 2018
Disc brakes have better stopping power than drum brakes. While both rely on friction, disc brake pads bite on both the inside and outside of the rotor, thus applying greater clamping force; drum brakes rely more on dragging the shoes against the drums. Air brakes would be ideal in a car, but no manufacturer offers them due to the high cost. An air compressor, reservoir, and air dryer would all have to be installed, vs a master cylinder for a hydraulic brakes. These components add a tremendous amount of weight, thus decreasing fuel milage. In a truck, milage is not that huge a concern as compared to the superior stopping power of air brakes.
May 28, 2018
Air brakes are used on vehicles above a certain weight. Air brakes are spring loaded, so that when there is no air pressure in the system, the spring locks the brakes, for parking. Then, when you [ charge ] the system, that means when you put air pressure into the lines, the pressure pushes the springs back to unlock the brakes. next when you press on the brake pedal, the air pressure is let into the back side of the brake chamber to close the brakes to stop your vehicle. then when you let off the pedal, the air bleeds out, releasing the brakes.
May 28, 2018
I wouldn't open up that gun unless you already have a full working knowledge of the workings of the gun. The dry firing can hurt the air rifle for sure, but you will likely still get years of good use out of the gun. Keep shooting it, but don't dry fire it any more.
May 28, 2018
Dry firing on a pellet gun is not gonna damage the gun as much as if you did it to something like a .22 RF rifle.
May 28, 2018

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