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Another fire alarm issue?

The fire alarms in my home are hard wired. When we first moved in 14 years ago, they would chirp for no reason (that we could determine - batteries). About 5 years ago we renovated and put an addition on, doubling the size of our home. We discussed the issue with the electrician who was working on the addition and he said he would look into it. Well, as this was 5 years ago, I really can't remember what he said, but supposedly everything was ok when he left. Until it wasn't. Most recently, the chirping began off and on again. A few months ago, we replaced the batteries on every single alarm and here we are again, the chirping started up again a few days ago. Does anyone have any idea what else it could be?Thank you,Jeanne


Wood filler can be sanded down depending on whether or not you can get to the area you apply it. If it's resin it could be shiny and take a lot of time to sand it down or if your fast enough fashion it to fit before it is completely dry. If you use the resin find some way to get it to a color close to the cardboard.
:) I have never had to decide that as i have never seen an out of order fire hydrant. Call and ask the fire dept. they will enjoy the challenge. :)

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