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Axles and transmission, are they related?

I just had my transmission replaced less than a month ago, and now both of my front axles need to be replaced. I took it two totally different places for the two seperate repairs.I wasn‘t having any problems with the axles before, I think?! Could the mechanics who did the transmission repair have broken the axles? If not what makes your axles break?


The front axles (also called the half shaft) have constant velocity joints (CV joints) and boots that go around them to hold in the grease and also keep out the dirt. If you loose the grease and or get dirt in the joint it will cause the joints to wear pre-maturely and start making noise or even break apart. Some garages replace just the boot some replace the whole axle. If the boots have been ripped open for a while, then most garages will replace the axle with a remanufactured unit. It should have been noticed when the transmission was replaced. Usually they will make noise when turning one way or another if the joint is that bad.
May 28, 2018
Only if your vehicle is front wheel drive. In that case to remove the transmission the axles need to be taken out of the transmission and off of the wheel hub. They would have been removed. It is quite possible that they could have been broken but they would have had to have had some battering to have been broken during a transmission change; dropped from a great height for example. I don't find it likely as any serious damage done by accident in a days work would probably make the axles useless for purpose.
May 28, 2018
The motor makes the gears in the transmission turn and the drive shaft turn and then that goes to the rear axle and gears/sprockets turn and make the wheels turn. If it is a 4x4 there is a differential and a smaller drive shaft also goes to the front axle
May 28, 2018

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