Bent Rear Axle?

I recently bought a certified used car from Nissan. After three months of driving it, i took it in to the service department, and they told me I had a bent axle. HOW DOES A REAR AXLE BEND? The car has never been in an accident, and I didn‘t crash it either. My extended warranty wont cover it either because it is bent. They are estimating the repair at about $4,000. I don‘t think I should be responsible for that repair. What should I do? I talked to their corporate offices, but they can‘t help. I also talked to the sales manager, but he pretty much says it is something I did.


I would take my car to an alignment/frame shop(but avoid the chains) and ask them to look at it for me.If it is bent,ask the Nissan dealer just exactly what do they mean by certified.Actually,it's not very difficult to bend the rear axle beam on a Nissan.
May 28, 2018
As you printed, the axel is component of the flexibility practice. understanding how vehicle sellers paintings, dont anticipate cooperation from GM. you're able to strive against them, yet you'l win except you provide up. you're able to write qualified Letters to the GM's Zone interior reach managers, and the CEO. you're able to record Small Claims adventure. You prob wont could goto courtroom; even as they see your adventure observe they recognize you'r intense and could possibly negotiate. All evaluate bringing assure fraud rates w/ state atty gen's customer fraud div. ***** to state and county customer protection depts if necc. GM knew or must have undemanding the axel/body were damaged and hid that from you. that would nicely be fraud or negligence. you'll nicely be able get the deal undone on that. opposite to a lot uninformed opinion, As Is contracts for sure can't immunize activities antagonistic to their unlawful acts such as fraud and negligence, etc. evaluate Lemon regulation. opposite to a lot uninformed opinion, Lemon guidelines DO hide USED vehicles in some states. CA has a clean [2006] regulation that supplementations Lemon regulation. So if GM receives nasty, as they possibly will [they have already got: promoting you a vehicle that they knew would nicely be very risky], you've a lot of those techniques to carry them soreness. keep bringing it and they could pay you. make positive to charge them for all some time in getting to recognize, vehicle diagnoses, vehicle out of provider, holiday, workplace expenditures, mailing, courtroom expenditures, legal consultations, telephone, etc etc.
May 28, 2018
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May 28, 2018

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